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Okay, so I now have (it said it was unavailable before, don’t know why… ) and I’d like to migrate over to that domain.

Eventually, I’ll mask it, so it just looks like, but I wanted to let folks know I’m migrating.

I will try to preserve comments somehow… see if I can just mush it over, but I wanna do it before I have years of posting.

So that will be happening sometime in the next couple weeks.

As in Douglas Adams’ book, “we apologize for the inconvenience.”

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Wizard 101

My character in Wizard 101.

Our company, KingsIsle Entertainment has a new game, Wizard 101, in Beta.

It’s a massively multiplayer kid’s role-playing game, where you attend a wizard school and help save it from evil forces.

I made a character and dyed my clothes, kinda getting close to Commander Keen, whatcha think?!? 🙂


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