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New Job: Principal Designer at PlayFirst!


So excited, tomorrow I start as Principal Designer at PlayFirst!

They are the Diner Dash folks, and super nice — I feel like I’m going to a company of friends! (By that I meant the new folks, there are three friends working there already!)

Wish me luck! Wheeee!


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Yep, have a new Kickstarter to make a platform game creation tool, called:


And with it, I’m gonna make a spiritual successor to Keen! Called:

Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 10.00.02 PM

With my new company, called:


So go check out my Kickstarter here:


And YES, Public Commander Keen Forum, it is me. 😀 Hi there.


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Old School RPG is Staff Pick of the Day on Kickstarter!

Wow! We got Staff Pick of the Day on Kickstarter! Here’s their tweet!

Project of the Day: A classic 1st-person, fantasy/sci-fi game bringing us back to what we loved about old school RPGs.

Help us bring back those classic, old-school, first person RPGs!


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Yep, Brenda Brathwaite and I are gonna do a new, decidely old-school RPG together. But we need your help!



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Prometheus Review

One word review: Poopmetheus.

Many word review with SPOILERS SO WATCH OUT:

Scaryish creepy things happen in the movie. Some of it is cool.

But two things Mr. Scott:

1. I would like you to meet a cool director, YOUNG RIDLEY SCOTT. He did some great movies, including this one called “Alien”.

In the start of the movie, the characters wake up and actually HANG OUT with each other. We get to know them a bit. They become our friends a bit. We care about them a bit. So when this happens…

We actually CARE.

2. When I saw the original Alien, I saw that weird alien room with the weird alien in it and the weird gunlike thing, and by the end, imagined it was a really weird alien thing that this had happened to, and if I ever saw its story, it would be weird, and alien, but the acid-blood aliens had gotten to it just like humans. That’s what made it reaaally scary. I didn’t even KNOW these weird things existed, but the acid-blood aliens took THEM out too. These are SCARY ACID-BLOOD ALIENS.

But no, now they are just Olmec-us in spacesuits-that-look-way-more-like-the-Acid-Blood-aliens-than-Olmec-us. And operate a gun-like thing to pilot a ship out, one of many. So the weird thing they found is less special, and that was pretty much revealed at the start of the movie.

And what the Olmec-us are is revealed at the start of the movie. So even THAT isn’t a mystery.

So I have characters I haven’t gotten to know trotting around in an alien world that in the end, really isn’t that alien. In the most alien-oriented mythos ever.

Don’t get me wrong — amazingly great visuals, and the rush to manual C-section was cool and tense. Michael Fassbender created a unique character.

But I came to have more of the truly ALIEN universe revealed, and it just got two hours more mundane through acquaintances I don’t know well.  And how heavy-handed can you make a message? How about one of the characters, instead of SHOWING you, just saying it out loud, just in case you didn’t get it.

RIDLEY: If you put characters in danger, I need to care about them first. This is ACTION MOVIE 101.  Please go find Young Ridley Scott and have him remind you how to make action-horror movies before you spend $130 million dollars.

And scientists don’t take off their helmets on an alien planet just because there’s good air out there. CUZ BACTERIA.


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GUESS WHAT? If you’re on Google+, check out the new social game me and my amazing team made — PETTINGTON PARK! PETTINGTON PARK: THE GAME

Here’s the Google+ Page too: Pettington Park G+ Page

Hope you enjoy it!

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For the 20th anniversary of Wolfenstein 3D, it got released for free in a browser!

So if you’ve ever wanted to play but had trouble easily getting it, well, it doesn’t get any easier than this!

Click here for free Wolfy!


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Anachronox Released on!

YES!  Anachronox is back, it works on Windows 7 (build 1.02v), and it’s like six bucks!

It was made with a lot of love, so hope people can enjoy playing it again, or for the first time.

Get it!


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Brenda and Ian’s new book!

If you want to break into the game industry, get BREAKING INTO THE GAME INDUSTRY!

I say some bits in it, check out the article on Gamasutra!


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Carlin in Keen

Hey, if ya ever run out of deodorant, I never mentioned that. Ya can, ya do, even in the nicest home. You get one pit done, y’know, and (moan, groan). Ya gotta go like that..(transfers from one pit to other manually). If you run out of deodorant, go into the kitchen and put a bay leaf under each arm. It doesn’t stop you from perspiring, but you smell like soup! Keeps your friends alert, y’know. “Hey, who’s wearing Chicken Vegetable?” “Not me, I have Bean With Bacon.”

–George Carlin

And that’s where the “Bean-with-Bacon” in the Megarocket’s name came from. 🙂

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