I am playing these games. PLAY THEM!

They are fun and allow a lot of creativity and authorship.

Play them! Support them. We need more cool stuff like this in the world.

Legos for adults!

(Yes, I made a fake Minecraft box.)


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Game Designers. Buy this book.

It is by Brenda Brathwaite and Ian Schreiber, and it provides challenges for game designers, and you don’t need a computer or fancy software to do it.



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Happy Birthday, Keen!

It’s The 20th anniversary of Commander Keen’s release!

Happy birthday, dude!

Lots of fond memories of making those games, and my mom still plays 1-3!

Love that little kid.


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Hey, check this out!  I did one — it’s actually a real, sad unreleased old Apple ][ game of mine, but now it’s got a cover!

Send them your ideas, and maybe you’ll get a cover too.

But make up a funny, crazy one!


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Spooky Photos

I did an art piece. We do art for fun on Sundays. Mine had four images, Latin, Wood, Rope, Nails…very spooky.

It is still in progress, but here are the images I used.

Spooky huh?


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Sooo…I had a stroke.

Had a stroke in my sleep April 12th. But went to the hospital, physical rehab, and now I’m doing outpatient rehab.

Fortunately, everything is coming back, but have to work on strength on my right side and such.

I’m way too young to have one, and has no risk factors. Just pulled the short straw I guess.

You can follow my progress on Twitter. I’m “tommune”.


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Hey There!

Been a while, but now GDC and other large things are behind, thought I would post.

Favorite game from GDC: Limbo.  Atmospheric, really cool puzzles.  Great indie game.

Check it out.

It was great seeing friends and meeting new folks.  But glad to be back home!


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Let’s Play Anachronox!

If you can’t find an old copy and the patches, here’s a nice walkthrough of Anachronox.

Thanks, Shockateer and Schizoguy!

Let’s Play Anachronox!


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If You Like Puzzles….

…I recommend the Professor Layton games on the DS.

I grew up with puzzles books and 3D puzzles, my mom loved them mainly and spread the love to the kids.

They are fun, little mysteries, incorporate over a hundred little brain benders of various classic types (match moving, logic, lateral thinking), and it’s digestible in little chunks. And, like ALL games should do, gives you a recap of where you were when you last stopped playing.

And guess what? My mom is playing it, too!  Nothing like a senior citizen rockin’ on a DS! 🙂


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Follow Me on Twitter!

I tell dumb jokes most of the time, but it’s more interesting than what I ate.

My Twitter page


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