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Anachronox Homage Video

For Anachronox’s 10th Anniversary, here’s an homage I did to Jake’s opening shot in Rowdy’s bar… in a bar at GDC with some of the Anachronox Team!


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Anachronox – Happy 10th Anniversary!

Happy 10th Anniversary to Anachronox! Much love from the Escapist.

Escapist Anachronox article

It’s the 10th Anniversary. Shall I get gifts of Tin, Aluminum or Diamond? We shall see!

Thanks to all the great, heartfelt developers on the team. We deeply cared about the game, the characters. Special should out to Jake Hughes, brilliant director of the cinematics and producer (who weirdly doesn’t get enough credit for groundbreaking work, and Richard Gaubert, amazingly talented writer and designer. Much love to Joey Liaw (PLANET!), Squirrel–er… Brian (APE), Josh, Henrik, Ralph, LeeDot and all the team that stayed to the end and really hit a home run. Great art by Lee, Seneca, Jay, so many folks, (sorry if I forget — I had a stroke! will add if I get reminded) — such fond, fond memories. Really proud of the universe and characters we created. Great job guys…

Will Anachronox 2 ever get made…? Well, you never know…. but for now, make a bowl of popcorn, watch the Anachronox movie, and remember how great it was to leave the Bricks for adventure across the galaxy!


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